Apple Computer is incorporated.
Star Wars debuts in cinemas.
Playero opens its doors.

La tienda original en la Calle Mcleary, Ocean Park


A beach lifestyle brand based out of Puerto Rico, our roots run deep in surf and beach culture. We're a family-run business, for 40+ years, dedicated to the design of high-quality beachwear and accessories.

Our classic line of products includes t-shirts, hoodies, rashguards, & headwear. Our shops feature original Playero products, which we design from the ground up, along with a select group of industry-leading and emerging brands. We also pride ourselves on representing some of the world's top surfboard designers & innovators - Eric Arakawa, Maurice Cole, Malcom Cambell, Wayne Rich, Tyler Hatzeikian.

We currently have 4 stores: one in the west-coast surf capital of Rincón, one in the regional mall at Plaza las Américas, one in town, near the beach on Calle Loíza, and one down south in Ponce at Plaza del Caribe.

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