Quienes Somos


Nuestra pasión es el mar y las olas.
Nos guía la adrenalina y el contacto con la naturaleza.
Somos surfers de puro corazón.


Ocean Park, 1977

It all began while driving along McLeary Street, en route to surf Aviones. As I approached Ocean Park, there it was, a For Rent sign recently posted at #1911. I pulled over, inquired, and rented it on the spot. I went for an afternoon surf at Aviones, came home and informed the family, and thus the journey began. The year was 1977 - and Playero was born.

I recall dad's words when I commited to open the surf shop: "Are you going to sell t-shirts all your life?"

Ask me today and I wouldn't change a thing, nor have it any other way.

I love this lifestyle and have done my best to share the stoke, whether it be through a cool new design, a more comfortable t-shirt, a better fitting boardshort, or a magic surfboard.

- Tony Yordán,
Nuestra Historia

Since 1977


FOUNDATION - First shop at McLeary 1911, Ocean Park. We put it together ourselves. Playero t-shirts, Quiksilver boardies, Deckers flip flops, Brewer skates, Owl Chapman Underground surfboards, wax, and an original Bruce Brown's Endless Summer poster in the window. A long-haired publicist and friend designs the iconic logo that we proudly wear to this day.


LIFT OFF - Hawaiian shirts and our very own leather sandals are added to the mix. "Las Justas" brings college kids to San Juan - and to the shop - for a dose of Playero tees and sandals. Justas done, they head home and spread the word. Meanwhile, the Playero Skate Team represents, setting the skate scene ablaze.


EXPANSION - First Plaza store opens as part of the mall's expansion. We introduce long sleeve tees, jackets, hats with flaps, and velcro wallets. Vinyl LP's blast rock all day long. Frisbees fly in the Plaza hallways. The original shop relocates to Condado.


LOS OCHENTA - After 10 years of non-stop development, the enterprise transforms. The founder and his family set off for a much needed break. Playero continues to evolve, with new shops in Bayamón and Isla Verde.


LOS NOVENTA - The founder steps forward and launches a new shop at 64 Condado, reconnecting with the past and embracing the new generation of surfers and beach aficionados. Longboards come back onto the scene and a whole new generation of groms energize the shop.


GO WEST! - The Playero family relocates to Rincon, lured by the offshores and winter swells. A new location is secured on Carr. 413 and a new chapter for Playero begins.

El Presente

Playero Transcends

45+ years later, here we are, with locations in Rincón, Calle Loíza and Plaza las Américas. Entrenched as ever in beach culture, surfing, and the outdoors. Who would've thought that the journey that began in '77 would lead us to where we are today. Fully commited to our lifestyle and our family, thanks to the support of our lifelong customers, friends, and the current generation, all of whom embrace the Playero soul.

A beach lifestyle brand based out of Puerto Rico, our roots run deep in surf and beach culture.

We're a family-run business, for 45+ years, dedicated to the design of high-quality beachwear and accessories. Our classic line of products includes t-shirts, hoodies, rashguards, & headwear.

Our shops feature original Playero products, which we design from the ground up, along with a select group of industry-leading and emerging brands.

We currently have 3 brick-n-mortar stores: one in San Juan, near the beach on Calle Loíza, one in the regional mall at Plaza las Américas, and everybodies favorite - Rincón!

We also pride ourselves on representing some of the world's top surfboard designers & innovators - Eric Arakawa, Malcolm Campbell, Sean Tully, Jon Wegener, Daniel Jones, & Wayne Rich.