Apple Computer is incorporated.
Star Wars debuts in cinemas.
Playero opens its doors.

La tienda original en la Calle Mcleary, Ocean Park


A beach lifestyle brand based out of Puerto Rico, our roots run deep in surf and beach culture. We're a family-run business, for 40+ years, dedicated to the design of high-quality beachwear and accessories.

Our classic line of products includes t-shirts, hoodies, rashguards, & headwear. Our shops feature original Playero products, which we design from the ground up, along with a select group of industry-leading and emerging brands. We also pride ourselves on representing some of the world's top surfboard designers & innovators - Tyler Warren, Eric Arakawa, Maurice Cole, Malcom Cambell, Wayne Rich, Tyler Hatzeikian.

We currently have 4 stores: one in Santurce/San Juan, near the beach on Calle Loíza, one in the regional mall at Plaza las Américas, one down south in Ponce at Plaza del Caribe, and everybodies favorite - Rincón!

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