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We don't actually sell stickers - they are a gift-with-purchase.
Place an order through our website and you'll receive a free sticker. You can also visit one of our shops and ask for a free sticker when you make a purchase. Our classic sticker is clear with white letters.
For the time being, no. We did a special edition, 35th anniversary, leather flip-flop a few years ago but have yet to reissue them. Check back from time to time for updates on future reissues.
We ship online orders Monday-thru-Friday during regular business hours, as orders come in. Note, that if you placed your order Friday afternoon, or during the weekend, your order will most probably ship out the following Monday.
Also note, some items sell out pretty quickly which might cause delays when the last items available are at one of our shops or simply sold out. We always reach out to inform the customer via email or telephone but sometimes, you're hard to reach!
Finally, please bear in mind that we depend on the US Postal Service to pickup online orders in a timely manner. For this reason we ask for an extra 1-3 days processing time (in addition to the 1-3 days transit time) as noted in the Checkout engine.
Thanks for your patience =)
Once orders are packed and ready to ship, you will receive a follow-up email with your order, a USPS Tracking Number, and a USPS.com link.
If your order appears in "Pre-Shipment" mode on the USPS.com link, it means the order is still waiting for pickup by the USPS courier.
If you do not receive a follow-up email WITH Tracking Number and USPS.com link, please send us a message (below) and we'll send you the Tracking Number via email.
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