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Calle Loíza Plaza Las Américas Rincón

Calle Loíza Plaza Las Américas Rincón

Calle Loíza

Our headquarters, close to the beach and not far from where we started, is located at Calle Loí¬≠za #1604 in Santurce, two blocks from Ocean Park. The Loiza shop is fully stocked with everything you'll need for your day at the beach. If you're looking for a surfboard this is the shop to visit. Parking available behind the store.

  Monday 10am - 6pm
  Tuesday 10am - 6pm
  Wednesday 10am - 6pm
  Thursday 10am - 6pm
  Friday 10am - 6pm
  Saturday 10am - 6pm
  Sunday 11am - 4pm
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Plaza Las Américas

Our flagship mall store is located on the main strip at the North end of Plaza Las Américas ("El Centro de Todo") right next to the fountain. Open daily from 9-to-9, just off the expressway, and with ample parking, Playero at Plaza brings the beach to the mall. Be sure to check out our super creative camera & book selection.

  Monday 9am - 9pm
  Tuesday 9am - 9pm
  Wednesday 9am - 9pm
  Thursday 9am - 9pm
  Friday 9am - 9pm
  Saturday 9am - 9pm
  Sunday 11am - 7pm
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Our Rincón store is now open at a NEW location on fabled Road 413 @ KM 0.7. Undergoing a total renovation during 2019, this marks our return to Rincón. The store is beautiful and low-key in the mid-century style. This is everybody's favorite store.

  Monday 11am - 6pm
  Tuesday 11am - 6pm
  Wednesday 11am - 6pm
  Thursday 11am - 6pm
  Friday 11am - 6pm
  Saturday 10am - 6pm
  Sunday 11am - 4pm
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