3K Carbon Beach Tennis Paddle

  • $110.00

Playero - Now available in matte black & slate grey with a high-end 3k Carbon outlay! This updated "pro-model" (introduced Summer '22) now has a stiffer feel with the introduction of a new "throat arc" stabilizer.

We're avid fans of beach tennis and beach paddle so we took on the task of designing our own beautiful paddle with a high quality build and merged both concepts together!

Constructed of high-quality 3k Carbon-Fiber with a soft EVA core and a "soft grit" finish, this beach paddle plays light and stylish. You get a pro-level paddle and a friendly price. Play with a friend and enjoy the exercise.

- Frame: 3K Carbon Fiber*
- Face: 3K Carbon Fiber*
- Core: 22 degree white EVA
- Length: 49cm
- Weight: 325+/-10g
- Imported

*3K Carbon Fiber is technically stronger and more durable than regular carbon fiber.

NOTE - You're buying one (1) paddle. If you want a SET, purchase 2 paddles.

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