Savage Comic Tee

  • $34.00

Playero - We're big fans of comic books! This illustration was inspired by the sci-fi, galactic style comics of the 50's and 60's. Here's the backstory:

Issue #1 of PLAYERO, SALVAJE "El Escape" tells the origin story of "Super Cobito" and his sidekick "Mini Turbo Carey" who were exiled alongside other species of "cobitos" from the planet Playero in the Agüeybaná Galaxy in a large orange bucket that's currently flying across the cosmos in search of a new home with more protected natural resources. Noting way too much discord and disinformation inside the bucket of social cobitos, Super Cobito and Mini Turbo Carey decide to escape their traveling bucket and venture out alone in search of a new home for their species. To be continued...

- 100% Cotton
- Boxy Fit
- Made in USA

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